Brewing Fine Tea & Positivity  

Enjoying a fulfilled life of health and bliss. Tea and Jam brings an experience of knowledge and peace to the community. Tea and Jam provides super healthy foods in a fun, friendly atmosphere where balance and positivity rule and music is the pulse of the cafe. Most of our teas come from small distributors that only source from independent growers and family farms. These Direct Trade teas are single-origin, small harvests from growers dedicated to quality, ethics and transparency. 

The owner of Tea and Jam, Jack Howard, has a passion to dissolve differences between people and bring knowledge to anyone interested in finding peace within. This was the motivation to build Tea and Jam, to provide a space where good music and good tea make the perfect recipe for a blissful experience.

Jack has an extensive background brewing Tea and living a Healthy Lifestyle. He began drinking tea 15 years ago and soon discovered the health benefits of tea. The first time he experienced quality loose leaf tea he was hooked! Jack found it was a perfect fit for anyone's long-term diet and complements whole foods and exercise.

Tea and Jam acknowledges food as the fuel for our amazing bodies. As Hippocrates famously said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Jack believes mother earth has provided everything our bodies need nutritionally and incorporates that belief into the teas brewed and food served.

Tea and Jam is officially open! Stop by and enjoy being present with each sip of tea. You will experience customized care and quality in each brew, warm hearts, and like-minded souls. We are excited to connect our passion to your cup of tea. See you soon!