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Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea

If you have ever ordered a pot of tea at the cafe, you have probably noticed that we only serve loose leaf tea. Sourced from around the world, our menu includes a large variety of flavors, ranging from oolong, green, white, black, pu’erh, herbal, and even flowering teas. Tea & Jam values quality over convenience to ensure every customer enjoys the experience as much as they enjoy the tea itself. Each tea is steeped in filtered water that’s monitored to ensure the tea is brewed at the perfect temperature. Our more delicate options, such as matcha, are brewed at a lower temperature to ensure the finely ground leaves are not burnt or damaged.

One benefit of loose leaf tea is it allows for a stronger re-steep compared to tea bags. This is because most tea bags contain the dust and fannings of broken tea leaves which impacts its flavor quality. Precious oils and fragrance are lost in this process, and the confinement to the space of the tea bag does not allow the leaves to expand to their full potential. At Tea & Jam, we re-steep tea pots free of charge, extending the value of your tea and decreasing waste.

Another advantage of loose leaf tea is its carbon footprint. Brewing loose leaf tea produces less waste than brewing tea bags. The only waste that brewing loose tea leaves behind is leaves that are excellent materials for your compost bin; tea leaves are rich in nutrients that combat carbon-rich materials such as paper bags and egg shells. Many companies are producing compostable tea bags that would be a wonderful alternative to bags that are made with plastic.

The flavor and experience of loose leaf tea speaks for itself, and can be enjoyed not only at the cafe, but at home! Shop our loose leaf teas and teaware here or stop by the cafe to enjoy a pot at our indoor or outdoor seating!

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