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Can tea boost your mood?

We all know the feeling you get when you walk into Tea & Jam. Some describe it as peace, some describe it as joy, and some may even describe it as love.

The effects of the tea you are drinking along with the context of where you are drinking it can have incredible effects on your mood, perspective, and long-term health. Research shows the process of brewing and preparing tea has its own calming effects that begin before the tea touches your lips.

Within the past decade, scientific research has found interest in the connection between nutrition and mental health. Researchers have found that ingredients in green tea such as the camellia sinensis plant and amino acid L-theanine work together to improve memory and attention. The caffeine content in green tea is significantly lower than coffee; an 8 oz. cup of brewed green tea contains 28 mg of caffeine while an 8 oz cup of coffee contains 96 mg (Mayo Clinic). The low caffeine content of green tea allows for stimulating boosts in mood, cognition, and alertness without the crash.

At Tea & Jam, we believe in a holistic approach to nutrition, well-being, and life, hence our motto “Enjoy BEing,” and our mission statement “supporting balance & healthy lifestyles.” We reflect this in every aspect of the cafe including who is preparing your tea, the ambiance of the cafe, how we pour into the community, what is offered on our menu, and how we serve our customers.

Our green tea menu includes twelve options ranging from the pleasant, creamy vegetal taste of matcha, to the delicately sweet, herbaceous aroma of sencha.

We have designed Tea & Jam as a safe space for you to come relax, work, commune, and marvel at the healing, invigorating effects of tea. Everything from the music, furniture, and teaware was carefully designed with your tea experience in mind.

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